Storytelling sells. Successful companies like GE and 37 Signals have both incorporated storytelling strategies into their marketing campaigns, and they have both proven that it works. While GE uses elaborate video and 37Signals uses innovative website layout, there are several other ways you can tell a story in your web content.

Today we’re looking at two animal rescue organizations that use storytelling to keep the interest of their website visitors.

Storytelling Strategy: Choose a Likeable Character

In every good story there are likable characters. Whether a person, animal, or object, these characters drive the story forward and allow the reader to connect with the underlying message. That’s what the Best Friends Society, a Utah-based animal rescue organization, has done on their website.

website content example for best friends animal rescue

When I first visited the home page (which they’ve since re-designed), I saw a picture of a dog named Marnie and a link to her story of tragedy and triumph. I also saw a picture of a cat named Tumbles and a link to his story about disability and adoption.

How could I not click?

Storytelling Strategy: Create Captivating Visuals

Too much (and corny) stock photography irks me. For some businesses in some industries stock photography is unavoidable, but not for animal shelters.

website content example for humane society

The creators of the Boulder Valley Humane Society website took advantage of their surroundings, their animals, and their clients for some great photos.

While it’s clear where you can donate funds and where to contact the organization, these details are not the focus of the site. The focus is on the people and the pets that make the organization, something every business website should mimic.

In what ways do you use characters and original photography to tell your story?


Sara Lancaster

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