When Sara Lancaster emailed me to swap guest blog posts I was super excited. So it is with great pleasure I share this website content review. Thanks for the opportunity, Sara!

Today’s website review focuses on Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes from Melbourne, Australia. Let me just say that I have tried the cupcakes and they are delicious, but back to the serious stuff. Three reasons I wanted to use this website as a copywriting example were:

  • The blurb on the home page clearly and concisely explains the benefits of choosing Mister Nice Guy cupcakes. The business’ target audience will appreciate fair-trade, kosher, and vegan cupcakes.
  • The “More About Us” page shares the emotional investment and choices that owners Lucas and Deb make in their business. This enables visitors to connect with the philosophy of the business.  Part of this copy should be added to the initial “About Us” page with a link to the remainder underneath that reads “Get To Know Deb & Lucas Better + Their Favourite Flavours Revealed.”
  • Having a gorgeous illustration paired with the description of each cupcake flavour is very enticing for visitors.

Areas for improvement include:

  • The call to action on the front page. Currently it’s “Find us in the latest edition of Frankie Magazine.” This could lead to loss of customers while they follow the Frankie link instead of choosing their favourite cupcakes and ordering.
  • Rather than the heading “Stockists” on the front page, “Come Visit Eat With Us” or “Got The Munchies? We’re Here.” are more likely to garner the preferred response.
  • The videos of Deb and Lucas making cakes and other sweet treats are brilliant for connecting with customers and SEO purposes. They just need to reverse the order of videos so the most recent appears at the top – my initial response was that they hadn’t updated for months when in fact they had.

What do you like about the website? Be sure to share in the comments.

Now where were those cupcakes…

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