About Us

The Condiment Marketing Co. is a Denver-based marketing agency that delivers high-impact marketing programs to food-focused businesses.

We believe in making marketing simple. That’s why you get flexible packages guided by straightforward strategies and implementation. Our marketing services include brand development, social media, marketing and sales materials, and public relations.


Our marketing manifesto

We provide food marketing services and support that will make you proud of your brand. When you work with us you get a food marketing company that will work to…

  • Properly reflect your food business in a professional and BIG way
  • Get you noticed by influencers and customers and foster those relationships
  • Position you to grow and (possibly) sell your business someday
  • Save you time and frustration allowing you to focus on your highest and best use

About our clients

Our food marketing company is located in Denver, Colorado, but our clients are located throughout the United States. Clients range from chefs to grocers to manufacturers and even to others outside the food industry. If you are part of a fun business that does good or something tasty, then we’d love to hear from you.

To learn more about our clients, check out these case studies or contact us. We offer free initial consultations.



Now that you know about us. Contact us!

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