Timelines are popular among companies who post their history online and for good reason. Timelines provide a logical, clean way to tell your story. Check out these examples for inspiration on your own. (Click the company name for a link to the actual timeline.)

The Condiment Marketing Co.company history timeline

First, a little bit of The Condiment Marketing Co. history. We did a review of a graphics tool called Visme to create ours. Read more about it here.


Design-wise this company story/timeline is spot on. The graphics and images complement the succinct text well. I read it word for word.

Town of Breckenridge

You don’t need to have fancy web design or interactive timelines to tell your company’s story. It really is the written content that matters. That’s what I like about Breckenridge, Colorado’s timeline. It is limited to the basic history with a few extra fun nuggets here and there. Like the fact that Breckenridge became Colorado’s first major resort to allow snowboarding.

Now if only they would update the timeline to include some milestones of the last 10 years…


An easy-on-the-eyes timeline organized by chunks of time and with simple boxes and headings.


True to Facebook style, the company has a history on the corporate site and on the company’s Facebook page. No reason you can’t do the same!

Epicurean Butter

Our friends at Epicurean Butter have a timeline we particularly like. It’s food-focused (as it should be) and simple.


This Cheerios timeline is no longer on the web…at least we couldn’t find it when we updated this post in November 2016. Here’s a snapshot we were able to grab a few years back. Too bad it’s gone! We think it’s a great company history timeline example.

food timeline

Do you have a company timeline? What company history feature do you think is a must-do?

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