Whether you’re a musician, photographer, writer, painter, sculptor, or a generally creative guy or gal, these four creative artist website content examples will hopefully give you inspiration for your website content.

1. Doodlers Anonymous

A social network for doodlers, a doodler news site, and so much more. It’s tough to describe the website content on DoodlersAnonymous.com, but I do like that most posts and pages are succinct. The images speak volumes. You’ll need to go there to understand the fab work they do.


2. OK Go

Known for their viral music videos and fun interactive tools (like the Video Dance Messenger), OK Go knows good web content. I particularly like that their home page is a blog (something I don’t usually recommend, but it works for touring musicians). Click the image to make your own message.


3. Boss not Boss

A poster-making, cool-stuff commenting, and generally creative website. The navigation on BossnotBoss.com is unlike most others — you navigate side to side instead of up and down. They’re not afraid of emoticons and ellipses…I say that’s fantab. Artistic types don’t need to make their web content all floaty and philosophical. Write like you talk. It’s effective.

artist website content example

4. Sagmeister

Stefan Stagmeister, the man behind this graphic design firm, has designed a variety of things including an album cover for OK Go (who you met above).

The web content on Sagmeister.com is sparse and a little vague. Typically, I suggest that a company clearly describe what they do on the home page, but if your business already has a strong reputation and is known for its creative work, then let your work tell the story.

When you land on the Sagmeister home page you don’t see much content. Instead, you see the team in action. I think that rocks.

sagmeister creative work

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