In June I’m challenging you to reeeeeach into the creative side of your brain. Write a mix of the straight-edge business blog posts that you’re used to writing with imaginative blog posts that you may not be used to writing. That means you get to paint pictures or deconstruct your favorite song or…

June Blog Post Ideas Start Now

1 – Images get shared on social media more than any other type of post. Consider taking a 30-day photo challenge and discuss it on your blog. Here is a site dedicated to photo ideas.

2 – What do you want to learn? Go crazy. Why not take up knitting or pickling or car maintenance? Chronicle your progress.

3 – The Webby Awards are announced in May. Find sites that inspire you and share.

4 – Are you a member of an association or do you sit on any boards? Talk about that work.


Tim Esterdahl of TE Creative Services has two great sources of blog post inspiration. Here’s what he has to say:

“First, find a forum related to your niche. Write a post about a forum topic with a lot of comments. If forum posters are talking about it, odds are others are searching for that topic, too. Second, look for the corporate media sites in your industry. I use automotive media sites like Toyota’s Press Site, but heck, even Walmart has a media news page. You never know when a new product or idea will be announced.”

5 – Write a set of commandments for your industry. What rules must be obeyed?

6 – What software do you rely on to do your job? Give a review.

7 – Are you on Google+? If not, get on it and host a hangout. Write a re-cap of the event. If you don’t want to host your own, find someone else’s hangout.

8 – Help out your partners in business. Write a regular post that announces what others in your network are up to (e.g., publishing books, launching a new website, posting a funny video on YouTube, etc.).

9 – Visit another blog similar to yours. Read the comments to discover blog post ideas.

10 – Find a Ted or Ignite video you enjoy. Here’s one of my favorites from Ash Beckham. Talk about it.

11 – Make a WordFoto.

12 – What music from your younger years still moves you? Let’s reminisce.

13 – Visit Any publications strike you?

14 – June 14 is Flag Day. If your company had a flag, what would it look like?

15 – Take time to be silly. Start by buying This Is Not a Book and completing the exercises. The experience could be fodder for a blog post…of course.

16 – Wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day this month.

17 – Browse top stories on What do you have to say about the popular topics right now?

18 – What’s the last bad customer service experience you had? Write about how it could have gone better.

19 – What’s the best customer service experience you have had? Talk about how you try to do the same.

20 – Writing down what you’re grateful for could inspire blog posts. Check out Grateful160 for an easy-to-use online gratitude journal.

21 – June is the Summer Solstice. How are you enjoying the extra daylight?

22 – Find out who was born today. Recognize public figures who have passed.

23 – Offer a promotion/discount through Facebook and mention it on the blog. Vertical Response has a coupon tool you can use, too.

24 – Ask some of your colleagues to answer a question or share their thoughts on a specific topic. Compile the responses.

25 – The summertime festival season is upon us. What events will you get out and enjoy this summer? I’m talking about food festivals, concerts, outdoor art shows, and the like.

26 – Play a game of Would You Rather.

27 – Anytime you are about to launch a new product, service, or system, build hype with blog posts.

28 – Did you make any New Year resolutions or predictions in January? How are you doing now that we’re nearly halfway through the year?

29 – According to Mashable, June 30 is Social Media Day. How will you celebrate?

30 – The U.S. Government’s 3rd quarter of their fiscal year ends today. For those operating on a calendar fiscal year, today is the end of the 2nd quarter. Can you give your readers/customers a reminder? A set of financial tips?

Sara Lancaster

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Sara is The Condiment Marketing Co.’s founder and creative director. She oversees client relationships, strategic marketing plans, as well as a bit of copywriting and social media management.