1 – Share your bucket list.

2 – Gear up for Blog Action Day. Do something for the greater good on your blog.

3 – What blogging challenges do you want to overcome? Share your troubles.

4 – October is National Book Month! How can you recognize it?


Bonus Blogging Tip from Ilise Benum

“I often find blog-worthy material in the LinkedIn discussion groups I participate in. Whether I initiate the discussion or not, I choose a question I know is relevant to my prospects, summarize a few useful answers (and get permission from those who posted them), then wrap it all up into a blog post with my own perspective woven in.”

–Ilise Benum of Marketing-Mentor.com

5 – Write a letter to your future self. Blog about it now and then.

6 – Be a guest on a podcast. Turn the experience into a blog post. Not sure how to find a podcast to be part of? Google “Podcast guest YOUR INDUSTRY NAME” and see what you come up with.

7 – Americans often get criticized for ignoring the rest of the world. What’s happening in your industry globally? Take the time to compare and contrast how things are done abroad.

8 – Look at your Google Analytics and identify your most popular posts. Write more on those topics.

9 – Join a mastermind/accountability group and share your successes. Here’s some tips on how to find a group.

10 – Make a list of 20 things your customer must never do.

11 – October is National Financial Planning Month. Give your readers tips on how budget/save.

12 – What brands does your business “like” on Facebook? Explain why you like them on your blog.

13 – Record what you heard five minutes ago and use the recording as inspiration for a post.

14 – Remember what it was like as a kid to jump in big piles of leaves? I can think of so many great picture and image possibilities for this post.

15 – Host a blog contest.

16 – October 16th is Boss’s  Day. Say, “thanks, boss!”

17 – Keyword research is and will always be a goldmine for finding blog post ideas. Check out 5 Minute Site and the Found Keyword Tool to find long-tail keyword phrases.

18 – Take a 30-day challenge of your own making. Watch this TED Talk for inspiration.

19 – Sweetest Day is in October. It’s all about recognizing the sick, aged, and orphaned…and your friends.

20 – Write a how-to article. Tie it into the upcoming holiday season.

21 – What in the news is really ticking you off? Now’s your time to rant.

22 – Make a timeline using Timeline JS. Maybe you want to enhance the company history you wrote in August or maybe you want to track the progression of technology used in your field or…?

23 – October 23rd is Boston Cream Pie Day. Who is hungry?

24 – Make a reading list and movie watching list to get you through the winter. Publish the list now. Publish your reviews later.

25 – Write an emotional post. Start with an emotional headline. The Advanced Marketing Institute’s tool will help you.

26 – Make a list of things you wish you had done differently on a particular project. Be sure to include a few things you did right, too. Here’s one I wrote.

27 – Give your business a mascot. Introduce him, her, or it with photos and the background story. Maybe your pet fish Goldie? How about a Pez Dispenser? Or your own custom bobblehead?

28 – Describe seven ways to do something wrong. Here’s one from Copyblogger.

29 – Browse the annals of Inc.com. What interviews, features, or product reviews inspire you?

30 – Publish a blog commenting policy.

31 – Happy Halloween! Tell a joke. Post a picture of your costume.

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