The following blog post ideas could work for any food-related business, but especially for food manufacturers and restaurants. Now you don’t have an excuse not to blog! Plenty of post ideas here.

  1. Feature a new product/menu item.
  2. Recipes, recipes, recipes
  3. Serving suggestions
  4. Pictures of your product in fun places
  5. Calendar of upcoming events
  6. Profile an employee.
  7. Profile another product or business you like or work with (especially your retailers)
  8. Recently returned from a trade show? What were your top 10 takeaways?
  9. See a food trend coming up? Give us your take.
  10. Partner with a charity. Write a post about them every quarter.
  11. What are the laws that govern the food industry and affect your business or the way your customers shop? Talk about it.
  12. Drinks that pair well with one of your products or dishes (or vice versa).
  13. Interview a chef you admire.
  14. Review a relevant book or movie or tv show.
  15. Jokes, quotes, cartoons, YouTube videos — not all blog posts need to be long.
  16. Have a social media post that got a lot of action? Embed it into a blog post and continue the conversation on your site.
  17. Ask your fans to send in their questions. Reply in a blog post.
  18. Write a blog post from the heart about how much you love your business and your customers.
  19. People gobble up top 10 lists. Write a few of your own, like…”Top 10 Ways to Eat a Cracker” or “Top 10 Ways You Know You’re a Hot Sauce Addict.”
  20. Gift ideas for people who love your food.
  21. The history of a food item — go waaaaaaaay back.
  22. Get a mention in a blog or magazine? Write about it.
  23. Make videos. Create a time-lapse video of one of your processes. Give a behind-the-scenes walking tour.
  24. Think about the things your target customer enjoys. Are they outdoorsy types? Big drinkers? Artisan product enthusiasts? There’s no reason you can’t occasionally write about topics off-topic from your brand, but on-topic for your reader.
  25. The Internet is obsessed with cute animals. How can you tie cute cats and dogs into a blog post?
  26. What changes about your menu or product with the seasons?
  27. Get an extraordinarily good Yelp review? Re-post it on the blog!
  28. Tell your readers how your business cares for the environment and/or its community.
  29. A day in the life of your business’ owner.
  30. If the ingredients in your product could talk, what would they say?

Stay tuned for more blog post ideas!

Sara Lancaster

About Sara Lancaster

Sara is The Condiment Marketing Co.’s founder and creative director. She oversees client relationships, strategic marketing plans, as well as a bit of copywriting and social media management.