anatomy-of-newsletter-articleIn a previous post on newsletter writing, we discussed the different types of newsletter articles. In the post, we talked about how every newsletter article type follows a different formula that once understood can be easy to write. All you need to do is practice and edit; always edit.

In this post we look at how to write an informative article for a newsletter by looking at the anatomy of the article. As we see it, there are six body parts of an informative newsletter article.

Compelling newsletter article headlines are critical. Headlines should be eight words or less, and if you are sending an e-newsletter, test different headlines to see which ones produce the most clicks.

Neck and shoulders
Create a beginning paragraph that pulls the reader in and makes them want to learn more. Here’s a few tips: Jump right into the action and don’t use unnecessary adjectives.

Chest and arms
Think like a journalist and write according to the inverted pyramid. This means that all important facts come first and details follow later.

Mid section
Add an element of time. Is there an event related to this story that your readers could attend? Did a study just come out that he or she might not know about?

Give the story some legs by including a human perspective. Readers relate to people, not numbers. Can you incorporate a quote or an anectode that adds a real life perspective to your story?

Feet and toes
At the end of the article, the reader needs to know what’s next. Give the readers a clear call to action such as the ones listed below:

  • Find out more
  • Call to purchase
  • Email to participate
  • Forward to a friend
  • Sign a petition
  • Visit your website
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