A small specialty food brand is much like a small indie music band. The artisan food producer doesn’t have distribution with a big retailer, and the indie rock band hasn’t signed on with a big record label. Both likely started creating in their  home…or garage.

What is most intriguing is how  fans of indie food behave so much like fans of indie music.

In this article from The Guardian, it’s cleverly pointed out how smart phones play a huge role in the enjoyment process of both music and food. Indie concert goers watch the show through the screen of their iPhone, and indie food lovers enjoy their meal through Instagram posts. 

So well said.

Avid indie fans —  be it for a consumer packaged good, restaurant, music, movie, or whatever — get behind the independent aspect of the product or experience and do it obsessively. These fans don’t want to do what the mainstream does. These fans want to discover something and then claim that it sucks once it goes big. (Otherwise known as “selling out.”)i tasted it first t-shirt

Discovery is key.

Those who make a hobby out of seeking new, different, and underground food and music want to be the first to like it, and they want the t-shirt to prove it. You know, these are your friends who STILL wear their 1995 Dave Matthews t-shirt with pride.

The beauty of this is that there is an army of people out there who are willing to do the same for your artisan food product. (We call these people “brand advocates.”) Now it’s your job to arm them with what they need to feel special, which could be anything from a shout out on social media to a tasting event at their favorite bar or even a t-shirt!

By the way…

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