With the launch of our new website recently, we published a  food marketing dictionary. The dictionary is complete with all the terms and definitions you’ll need to know when running a food business, some of which are specific to what we do here at The Condiment Marketing Co.

For example, Brand Advocates is a term we use to describe your fans who will talk up your products or service, and, in a way, be part of your sales force.

food marketing terms


Brand Story is another term not commonly used in marketing and often not used in the same way. We tend to use “Brand Story” to describe a business’ personality as well as the nuanced stories shared throughout all marketing efforts.
brand story food marketing definition

Stay tuned for more posts that dive deep into our own food marketing terms. In the meantime, we hope you’ll find our big food business dictionary useful.

Sara Lancaster

About Sara Lancaster

Sara is The Condiment Marketing Co.’s founder and creative director. She oversees client relationships, strategic marketing plans, as well as a bit of copywriting and social media management.