1. Only 2 percent of your email subscribers opened your last e-newsletter.

2. There is a zero return on investment for the newsletters you’ve sent.

3. You want to increase the number of click-through rates from your e-newsletter.

4. The newsletter template you use is built in Microsoft Word (professional newsletter copywriters have a network of graphic designers who can help with print newsletter design and electronic email design).

5. You and your staff are so busy that the task keeps getting pushed off for later.

6. Newsletters are a completely foreign concept to you and you don’t even know where to start.

7. The last newsletter you wrote had 12 typos and six misspellings…or some variation on those numbers.

8. It’s difficult for you to come up with creative article topics and headlines.

9. Newsletter writing and production takes too much time.

10. You don’t like to write.

11. You don’t feel you are a good writer.

12. You don’t know enough about newsletter marketing to do it effectively.


Sara Lancaster

About Sara Lancaster

Sara is The Condiment Marketing Co.’s founder and creative director. She oversees client relationships, strategic marketing plans, as well as a bit of copywriting and social media management.