web-content-writer-typesAll writers are not created equal. Just because someone is great at writing fiction doesn’t make them great at writing product copy. When it comes time to select a writer, it’s important to know what style of writing you are seeking. It’s likely you’ll want more than one flavor of writer — and that’s okay. Many writers fall under more than one category.

Freelance versus Agency Content Writer

Do you want to work with one person or do you prefer a team of people to weigh in on your writing? Is this a small project or a huge, year-long project? Both freelance writers and agency writers can provide great writing at reasonable pricing. It all comes down to your style and project demands.

SEO Web Writer

Search engine optimization hinges on web content and many web writers have made it their business to understand search engine behavior, new trends, and best practices. An SEO web writer will take special care to consider keywords and page descriptions. They’ll likely advise you on other steps outside your static web content to improve your SEO.

Copywriter (Sometimes Called Conversion Copywriter)

Copywriting is a beautiful thing. Not many writers can do it well. These pros focus on getting your website visitors through your sales funnel, whether that be to add a product to a shopping cart, signing up for a free telecall, and the list goes on. A conversion copywriter will have a keen understanding of sales, website usability, and design.

Content Marketer/Strategist

Strategists are big picture people. They probably aren’t interested in writing content for a single home page, but they would be interested in creating your entire content plan, from home page to Facebook page to whitepapers.


Blogging is a juggling act. You’ve got to manage promotion, entertainment, education, and engagement. When hiring a writer to manage your blog, you need someone who can do it all and make you look good every time.

Ghost Writer

This is a term that, in my opinion, should go away. An online ghost writer is simply a web writer who writes anonymously so that the website owner/company can take full credit. To me that’s a given!

PR/Publicity Writer

Many web content writers have a background in journalism or public relations. This could work out great if you are looking to write press releases and get the media to visit your website.

Technical Writer

Writing about highly-specialized industries can require a certain level of understanding. I’d never recommend that your web content read like a manual — that’d be awful. You need a mix of both technical understanding and marketing savvy in your writer. Ask for industry writing samples before you commit.

What Kind of Web Writing Does The Condiment Marketing Co. Do?

I’m so glad you asked! We prefer the content marketer/strategist role mostly because we enjoy building long-lasting relationships with our clients and watching them succeed. However, we do a bit of small order blogging, SEO web writing, and copywriting as well.

Sara Lancaster

About Sara Lancaster

Sara is The Condiment Marketing Co.’s founder and creative director. She oversees client relationships, strategic marketing plans, as well as a bit of copywriting and social media management.