In August 2009, Wikipedia said there was 109.5 million Web sites in operation. That means you need to separate your Web site apart from 109,499,999 other sites.

Since 99% of these sites have NOTHING in common with yours, there are some aspects you don’t need to give any thought. But as far as that 1% goes, there is one thing you can do from the very start that will set you apart. Build trust!

Here are five ways you can earn the trust of your Web site visitors.

#1 Create a News Page

A section of your Web site should be devoted to press releases, articles, and links to other valuable resources. This could be a blog or a Web page, whichever option works best for you. Not only is this beneficial for your search engine optimization strategy, but it adds value to your site and gives your visitors something to read and learn from.

#2 Testimonials

If you don’t have real testimonials, don’t publish testimonials. Only true testimonials are worth your time. Enough said.

#3 Web Content That Says Something

Anyone can own a Web site, but how many people can write quality content that truly educates the reader and motivates the reader to act. Don’t patronize your Web site visitors with fluff, give them what they are looking for and more.

#4 Case Studies

A case study is a profile of something you or your business has done to benefit another person or organization. A case study is not all about you. It’s about the great things you can do for your customer. That is building trust if there ever was.

#5 Videos

Spammers don’t make videos. Lazy business people don’t make videos. Web site owners who want to make the most out of their Web site create videos. Video scripts are inexpensive to write and video production can be as little as a few hundred dollars. There are even professional videos that only incorporate still photos.

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Sara Lancaster

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