Last week the Colorado Specialty Food Makers Group had the privilege of hearing from Wendy White at the Colorado Department of Agriculture. She talked about many of the opportunities the Ag Dept offers to food companies, but mainly she focused on the Colorado Proud program, which is an outstanding opportunity for local restaurants and food companies.

What is Colorado Proud and why should you care?

Colorado Proud is 15-year-old free marketing program of the Colorado Department of Agriculture designed to promote local food companies AND encourage us all to buy local.  It’s said that nearly 92% of Coloradans would buy more locally-grown and produced products if they were available and identified as being from Colorado.

So, if you grow food in Colorado, raise Livestock in Colorado, manufacture a value-added consumer food in a commercial kitchen, or run a restaurant that serves Colorado cuisine, there is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t participate. It is free to apply to Colorado Proud and once processed you will be supplied with the logos you need for packaging and marketing and will receive a listing in the directory, which makes it easy for buyers/consumers to find you. Not to mention, you’ll have the residual benefits of all the marketing efforts done to promote the Colorado Proud program by the Department of Agriculture (media, advertising, promotional events, etc.).

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Local food producer programs in other states

Colorado isn’t the only state to have a local marketing program. Ohio Proud and Pride of New York are two other examples that encourage local producers and consumers. Take advantage of these programs. Not only does it prove that you support the local economy and the movement toward eating local, but it’s free marketing.

Why would you say “no”?

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