In this infographic by The Condiment Marketing Co. we look at 2016 food marketing costs at a glance. When considering your food business advertising and marketing, look at all the options, the prices, and also consider where you will reach the most customers.

Food Marketing Costs at a Glance infographic


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A 2016 Comparison of Average Marketing and Advertising Costs

All of our research is based on what is available online, by calling media/advertising organizations, or from our personal experience, as represented by an asterisk. Here is a transcript of our findings included in the food marketing costs at a glance infographic above.

National Advertising Expenses

Consumer magazines: full page, 4-color print ad

  • Bon Appétit – $186,806
  • Food & Wine – $136,800
  • Cooking Light – $160.900
  • Everyday Food – $206,400

Food industry magazines: full page, 4-color print ad

  • Food Business News – $5,790
  • Food Manufacturing – $2,055
  • Food Processing – $8,379
  • Gourmet News – $8,170

Web advertising for these same publications ranges from $2,500.00 / month to $105.00 CPM.

How much for a 30 second TV ad?

  • Primetime
    • $112,000 average
    • Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) is $24.76
  • Hulu
    • $30,000 minimum
    • $35 CPM

Local Marketing Love

Using Denver, Colorado, as an example, here’s how much local marketing and advertising could cost your food business.

  • Yelp’s CPM is $100 – $200. Spending $1,000 a month exposes you to 10,000 Yelp users in your area.
  • Pandora, which is usually targeted geographically (among other factors), wants to start you with a $10,000 ad buy.*
  • The Denver Post has a $500 minimum per month for online advertising. It costs $8,430 for a full-page full-color ad in the Sunday full circulation edition.
  • A season-long 10 x 10 booth at a popular farmers market costs $125 – $195 plus 10% of daily gross sales.

Food Industry Trade Show Costs

Average cost for a 10 x 10 booth:

  • National Products Expo East – $4,895
  • PMA Fresh Summit – $7,200
  • Fancy Food Show – $3,400

Don’t forget to factor in additional costs to create on-site marketing materials, shipping, staffing, and lodging/airfare, all of which could total anywhere from $2,500 to $15,000.*

In-Store Sampling Costs

In-store sampling is more demanding of your time than money. Plan to spend at least 4 hours in-store and an additional 2 to 4 hours in prep time.

  • To hire your own staff, pay around $15 an hour. Or, hire a firm and pay upwards of $350 a day.
  • Plan for a minimum of 100 free product samples at about 1/8 of a serving size each.
  • Retailers vary, but some do require in-store sampling frequently. Some charge too–starting at $25 for use of the space.

Online Advertising Costs

Online advertising is targetable and trackable in ways print and in-person advertising methods can’t touch.

  • Instagram – $5.68 CPM
  • Twitter
    • Promoted Tweet: $9 CPM
    • Promoted account: $4 CPM
  • Facebook – $6.28 CPM
  • LinkedIn – CPM $2 minimum (Side note, in our experience, more like $7 minimum to get worthwhile impressions.*)
  • Snapchat – $750,000 Branded Story
  • Google Adwords
    • $2.32 average cost-per-click (CPC) for search network
    • $0.58 CPC for display network

Methodology and Sources

When numbers were not readily available from a reputable source, we relied on media kits published by media source, by calling the organization directly, or from personal experience (as indicated by an asterisk).

Falynn Derderian

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Falynn manages project research and media outreach at The Condiment Marketing Co. She has an advertising degree with a focus in business from the University of Oklahoma (go Sooners!).