This fall The Condiment Marketing Co. had the privilege of working with Epicurean Butter, a compound butter producer out of Denver. In this project, we looked at one of the company’s most popular products — Black Truffle Butter. 

Marketing Challenge

The existing Epicurean Butter Facebook page had some significant activity, but the company wasn’t driving traffic to their own website. As it was, most all Facebook posts did not ask the reader to click or, if a post did include a link, the link took the reader to a third-party website. The question was, how do we get fans to our site?


The Condiment Marketing Co. advised Epicurean Butter to change the name of their existing blog from “Press” to “Buttery News and Events” and to publish useful and relevant content regularly. By doing so the company would not only have more company-centric social media content to post, but they’d also have a platform for publishing useful and entertaining information for consumers and even retailers.

To get the ball rolling The Condiment Marketing Co. wrote two blog posts and a series of social media posts for Epicurean Butter to publish. All of the content focused on Black Truffle Butter uses and facts, which was strategic. The folks at Epicurean Butter explained that retailers often ask for serving suggestions and that Facebook fans seem to respond best to serving ideas, so we did a little keyword research to see for ourselves.

Yup! Black Truffle Butter fans absolutely want serving ideas and recipes. Google search query stats backed that up.

Marketing Campaign Results

While the main objective of this specialty food marketing project was to send Facebook fans to the company website,  the plan to revitalize the Epicurean Butter blog allows the company to overcome the additional challenge of providing frequent serving suggestion ideas in an easily accessible way.  Before these changes, their website only had a single page for serving suggestions, and any Facebook posts with serving suggestions got lost over time.

Before long the new Epicurean Buttery News and Events section will become a robust and freshly updated resource for compound butter fans to reference again and again.

To learn more, visit the Epicurean Butter website.

“Sara was such a wonderful find. Here at Epicurean Butter, we do our marketing in-house, so it was invaluable to have an outside perspective on how to sync up our Facebook and website efforts and increase website activity. I’d recommend The Condiment Marketing Co. to any specialty food company who wants to improve their online marketing efforts.”  –Laura Shinefield, Account Manager at Epicurean Butter


Sara Lancaster

About Sara Lancaster

Sara is The Condiment Marketing Co.’s founder and creative director. She oversees client relationships, strategic marketing plans, as well as a bit of copywriting and social media management.