Food-Focused Marketing and Communications

The Condiment Marketing Co. knows how to attract customers and influencers through brand development, sales and marketing materials, social media, and public relations. Our approach has two parts. First, we create a marketing strategy we call a “Recipe.” Second, we employ our look BIG philosophy to authentically tell your story and boost your success.

The Condiment Marketing Co. is a team of experienced marketers who know the food biz. Some of our clients include…

“The Condiment Marketing Co. really listens to us and delivers what we ask for with style and a clear message.”

Laura Shinefield

Epicurean Butter

“We recommend The Condiment Marketing Co. to anyone who wants food and beverage relevant marketing.“

Chef Richard Keys

Food & Drink Resources

“Sara is highly capable, responsive and professional. I would recommend her in any project she were to seek.”

Chef Tim Ziegler

The Chef Behind the Chefs


Functional Ingredients and Your Marketing

Functional ingredients are defined as foods that serve a purpose besides nourishment. For example, turmeric. Not only does this spice add flavor to your meal, but some say it fights inflammation and may even end wars. OK, maybe that last one isn’t true, but you get the point. read more…

An Epic List of Food Synonyms

The simple definition of food is “the things that people and animals eat,” but that word is flavorless (see what I did there?). To keep your marketing writing fresh, use these food and food-related synonyms to convey your meaning to customers. read more…

Social Media Answers the Question “Where Should We Eat Tonight?”

Once upon a time in the not too distant past, people researched restaurants by leafing through a 10 pound book called the Yellow Pages. They got recommendations from a friend over a cup of coffee. Phones were attached to walls, computers were used for processing words, and spinach dip was all the rage. It’s true. Go to the library and look it up.
read more…