A media center contains all the basic information that a traditional journalist, blogger, or marketing pro would want to know about your business or organization. And it’s all in one tidy section of your website.

Not all businesses would benefit from a media center (also called a news room or some other variation). However, if you field calls from the media or if you would like to field calls from the media, then a media center could provide incredible benefit.

Benefits of a Web-Based Media Center

1. Create one central place to post images, videos, releases, newsletters, media mentions, etc. It’s just good web feng shui to have your site organized with the reader in mind.

2. Tell the story of your business with the hopes that the media will relay the message positively and accurately.

3. Stroke the egos of your execs and directors by labeling them media experts who are available for interviews on behalf of your organization.

4. A media center makes your business look large and in charge. Impress your customers, investors, friends, and your mom.

5. The more content on your website the more content the search engines have to index. This results in more website traffic (hopefully).

Business Website Examples with a Media Center

World Water Council media center as a business website example

The World Water Council has a stellar media center. This is one fine business website example. However, the website is outdated. It looks as though they gave up the effort in 2010, which is a shame.

I particularly like that the World Water Council included a story idea section. While many media members probably won’t use these story ideas (most journalists and bloggers would rather break a story than repeat one that’s already been told), they do serve as great idea starters for other stories.

For more business website examples with media centers let’s look at the real big brands to see what they’re doing.

  • Johnson & Johnson has a media contacts page equipped with links to their blogs and background information.
  • Adobe has a press center that contains a news room, media resources, and more. All of the sections contain useful information, especially the media resources section where you can find b-roll and images. It’s very helpful for journalists to have high-quality images and video at their fingertips.
  • Some companies disguise their online media center by calling it something like “Investor Info” or “For Advertisers.” Merriam-Webster did that. You can find their media kit by navigating through their site to the Merriam-Webster advertising section. The media kit has all the critical info, but it’s old school. I would prefer a non-PDF version.

Have any other great business website examples? Do share in the comments.


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