The fine folks at contacted us to do a blog post review of their tool that makes creative, interactive online content easy. We normally turn down requests for reviews unless it truly is something we find useful, and Visme has definitely proven to be useful.

Favorite Visme Features

  1. Unlike other image creation tools that shall go unnamed, Visme lets you save images and come back to them later for additional editing.
  2. You can search for free images from Flickr Creative Commons directly in Visme without leaving your window. Talk about a time saver. There’s a healthy selection of food images, too.
  3. Love the timeline feature! We have been looking for a simple timeline creation tool for ages. Seriously. This is a godsend. We often recommend timelines for website about pages because timelines are a great visual representation of your story.
  4. Make website, social media, and blog images, infographics, reports, wireframes, and presentations all in one place. It’s great to simplify.

Visme Projects Completed So Far

First mission accomplished was this handy-dandy infographic that represents what we perceive to be the five stages of business for food manufacturers (click here to learn more about that topic). Within Visme you can create infographics from scratch or from their BIG library of templates. We modified a template (because we’re fans of using what’s proven to work and what will save us time) and are pleased with the results.

food business stages infographic


Did we mention how much we like a good timeline image? Of course, we HAD to make one for The Condiment Marketing Co.

history of condiment marketing

Finally, we’re getting closer to a standard Condiment Marketing Co. blog post image that includes our logo and a scalloped circle for quotes and headlines.

condiment visme review

visme review

The Critique – Because We Have to Say Something Critical, Right?

There are a couple of quirks.

First, when you right click on an image you are working with, an editing screen appears in the way of what you are trying to do. It’s a quick fix, though. Just use your mouse to move the pop-up box.

Second, all files are downloaded as zip files. It’s not a big deal to unzip a file and then upload said image to your blog or social media profile, but it is an extra step when you are only creating a single image. You can also embed images using code, but our preference is to upload an image.

All in all, we recommend Visme as a resource for our clients and colleagues. We are pleased with the all-in-one stock image search, editing, and presentation creation tool. There are free and business level accounts, so why don’t you check it out!

*The Condiment Marketing Co. received a free premium account in exchange for this review. 

Sara Lancaster

About Sara Lancaster

Sara is The Condiment Marketing Co.’s founder and creative director. She oversees client relationships, strategic marketing plans, as well as a bit of copywriting and social media management.