You already know that marketers insist a food business clobber social media. These 10 social media stats prove it.

One – Crowdsource, Baby

More people crowdsource opinions before making dining decisions—especially millennials, who are expected to inject an additional $6 billion into the restaurant industry in the years to come. Source: The Food Institute 

Two – Social Media Search Is the New Google

A study by eMarketer showed that 37 percent of social network users polled use social media to research brands, products, or services before making a purchase. Source: YP Marketing Solutions

Three – Facebook Specifically

Trust in social recommendations is on the rise. Empathica research shows that nearly three out of four customers (72%) have used Facebook to make restaurant or retail decisions, based on comments and images that have been shared by other users. Source: Dr. Gary Edwards

Four – All Restaurants Are Represented on Social

“Of the over one million mentions on social media sites about the restaurant, food and beverage industry, 57 percent of these were about quick service restaurants.” Wowsa. Source: Statista

Five – Yelp Matters

A recent study by two prominent Berkeley economists discovered that as little as a half-star difference in a restaurant’s Yelp score would swing business up by about 27%. Source: Foodbeast

Six – Twitter Rocks

Retailers and restaurants are the most engaging industries on Twitter. Source: Adweek

Seven – Twitter Likes Food and Drink

Out of all brand mentions on Twitter, food and drink brands are mentioned the most with 32% share of tweets. This is compared to 17% clothing and accessories mentions, 11% of mentions about technology, general retail and entertainment, with the remaining percentage from beauty and professional services. Source: Daren Bach

Eight – Twitter Works

Based on an average day on Twitter for the food industry, 26.32 tweets can generate, 86.32 replies, 511.01 @ mentions and 121.74 retweets. Source: Daren Bach

Nine – Remember Pinterest? Still Matters.

5.7 billion food-related pins on Pinterest Source: Craig Smith

Ten – Instagram Is Delicious

Instagram is where it’s at for food businesses. Pizza, steak, and sushi are the top three foods posted to Instagram. Source: Brandwatch


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