You’re ready to create your email newsletter and send it your list of loyal customers, but there’s a problem. You have no idea where to start. If only you had some email newsletter examples…

You’re in luck! Below you will find several email newsletter examples and email tips to help you get the ideas flowing.

Match Your Newsletter Design to Your Website Design

Create a consistent set of images and messages, so that when your customers see you on and off the web they instantly recognize your brand. In other words, make your website, Twitter page, newsletters, invoices, and business cards, etc., look similar. Here is an example of a newsletter and website that use very similar headers.

email header matches website header

Saucy Dipper newsletter

saucy dipper website header matches email header

Saucy Dipper website

Feature Your Readers in the Content

The University of Colorado School of Journalism (my alma mater) includes a list of books written by the J-School’s graduates in every issue. You bet I check out that list every time, too. How can you feature your community in your email newsletter?

journalism school newsletter sample

Click the image to see the full version of the October 2010 issue of Bylines Briefly

Give Something Away for Free

Your newsletter must inform your readers and sell your services. Why not offer up a loss leader to earn the favor of your subscribers? Vertical Response recently discussed the use of loss leaders on their blog, and they say that offering a free or reduced price product/service works for both in-store sales and online sales.

spork marketing email newsletter sample

Spork Marketing (Denver Internet marketing company) helps clients with

Appeal to the Emotion and Fear of the Reader

What are the concerns of your newsletter readers? Use your email to provoke emotion and to offer up a positive solution.

online newsletter example

Click the image to view a full issue of the Quest Industries newsletter

Vary the Length and Style of Your Newsletter Articles

The National Institute for Trial Advocacy uses a double column design for its monthly newsletter. This allows them to include long, informative articles alongside shorter, promotional articles. Learn more about the different types of newsletter articles.

long informative email newsletter sample

Click the image to view a full issue of the NITA Notes newsletter

Tis’ the Season to Send Newsletters

With the holiday season upon us, small business owners should make plans to send their email newsletters before the year is up. Consumers have their eyes and ears open for gift and entertainment ideas, and businesses are taking the time to review 2010 and makes plans for 2011. In other words, people are spending money or are making plans to spend money. Now is the time to get on it!

In this email example, you can see how I used the holiday theme in my lead article.

email marketing example for copywriters

Sara Lancaster

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