This week’s example of a business website with sharp content belongs to Goosetown Tavern here in Denver. There are three main reasons why I wanted to use this website as a restaurant website example.

1. The people behind the website tell the story of Goosetown Tavern. There really were geese that inspired the name of this joint. Website content writing is story telling.

2. Goosetown Tavern wants to be known for its spectacular happy hour, and so they make their happy hour the focal point of the site. Having a niche makes it easier to market your business and set yourself apart from the rest.

3. The website has a clean design with easy-to-read copy. Crisp!

denver website content example

In addition to the three items mentioned above, Goosetown succeeds at making their menu easy to find (critical), and they have a link to their Yelp profile on the home page. If you don’t know, you should. This review site can be a  major boon for any business, especially a restaurant that responds to negative reviews appropriately.

My only recommendation to Goosetown would be to freshen up their home page copy. It’s repetitive of the about page and it doesn’t invite me to visit the Tavern. The average person needs a call to action. Make me move!

Sara Lancaster

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