If you’re familiar with our website, then you know we’ve got a long list of links to marketing resources and tools. We’ve curated this list over the years because we like to share what works for us. Today, we bring you links to a few of the most recent links we added to the list.

Title Cap

Do you care about proper punctuation, grammar, and headline capitalization? Us too. While we believe the clarity of the message supersedes all things, consistency in your writing and proper formatting support the message. If your headline and subheadline capitalization is different from blog post to blog post or even from subhead to subhead, it can be distracting and make you look amateur. In Title Cap, you input your headline and it provides the appropriate capitalization according to your style guide of choice. (We prefer Chicago Manual of Style.)


Speaking of style guides, all of The Condiment Marketing Co. clients get a style guide using Frontify. We love the way you can easily add your brand fonts, colors, and image files plus outline other on-brand and off-brand elements in notes. Even the free version of Frontify provides many worthwhile features.


Landscape allows you to upload a single image and resize it for various social media sites. We use GIMP (open source image editing) and PicMonkey regularly, but when all you need is to resize an image in a hurry and effortlessly, Landscape is the way to go. We use it daily.


Hey, food fans, this one is for you. Foodie is a photo taking/editing app specifically designed for sharing food photos on social media. Here, you can see two pics. The first I took with my ordinary old iPhone camera. The second I took using the Foodie app. Pretty slick, huh?

bland broccoli image

detailed broccoli image


If This Then That (IFTTT) works like this: IF a particular action occurs, THEN the tool will produce a result (the THAT). We use IFTTT for several Instagram and Twitter functions, like automatically posting an Instagram image to Twitter and putting all Tweets into a Google spreadsheet. One of our favorite IFTTT applets sends us an automatic email notification and summary every time NPR publishes a story on food.

We hope this list of marketing tools are useful for you, whether you are into food marketing or not. If you have a tool in your toolbox you can’t live without, tell us about it here!

Sara Lancaster

About Sara Lancaster

Sara is The Condiment Marketing Co.’s founder and creative director. She oversees client relationships, strategic marketing plans, as well as a bit of copywriting and social media management.