What Type of Web Content Writer Should I Hire?

What Type of Web Content Writer Should I Hire?

web-content-writer-typesAll writers are not created equal. Just because someone is great at writing fiction doesn’t make them great at writing product copy. When it comes time to select a writer, it’s important to know what style of writing you are seeking. It’s likely you’ll want more than one flavor of writer — and that’s okay. Many writers fall under more than one category.

Freelance versus Agency Content Writer

Do you want to work with one person or do you prefer a team of people to weigh in on your writing? Is this a small project or a huge, year-long project? Both freelance writers and agency writers can provide great writing at reasonable pricing. It all comes down to your style and project demands.

SEO Web Writer

Search engine optimization hinges on web content and many web writers have made it their business to understand search engine behavior, new trends, and best practices. An SEO web writer will take special care to consider keywords and page descriptions. They’ll likely advise you on other steps outside your static web content to improve your SEO. Read More »

October Blog Post Ideas (31 Suggestions, Folks!)

October Blog Post Ideas (31 Suggestions, Folks!)

1 – Share your bucket list.

2 – Gear up for Blog Action Day. Do something for the greater good on your blog.

3 – What blogging challenges do you want to overcome? Share your troubles.

4 – October is National Book Month! How can you recognize it?


Bonus Blogging Tip from Ilise Benum

“I often find blog-worthy material in the LinkedIn discussion groups I participate in. Whether I initiate the discussion or not, I choose a question I know is relevant to my prospects, summarize a few useful answers (and get permission from those who posted them), then wrap it all up into a blog post with my own perspective woven in.”

–Ilise Benum of Marketing-Mentor.com

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The 10 Most Important Web Content Tips Evah

The 10 Most Important Web Content Tips Evah

bring sunshine to your headline writingWeb Content Tip #1 – Add your phone number to your header. Make it easy for potential customers to contact you. Very easy.

Web Content Tip #2 – Include a mailing address on your contact page, post your picture on the about page, and publish real testimonials throughout the site. All of these items will help your visitors to trust you.

Web Content Tip #3 – Start most of your sentences with “you” or active verbs.

Web Content Tip #4 – Have a link to your home page and contact page in the navigation bar. Keep your navigation bar consistent throughout your website.

Web Content Tip #5 – Every important page needs a creative headline that addresses the reader’s problem. Don’t say “Home” on your home page. Say something more intriguing like, “Your Source for Sunshine When There Is None.” Read More »

5 Awesome Headline Examples and Why I Clicked

5 Awesome Headline Examples and Why I Clicked

Getting someone to click on your link and read your content is at the crux of any content marketing effort. That’s why good headlines are something to be admired. They are something to study.

Headline Example #1: Giant Snails Found In Texas, But Don’t Freak Out

Well, I wasn’t going to freak out, but now that you mentioned it I might! I’m intrigued by this headline – not only because it appeared on Time.com – but because it’s so specific and conversational. This sounds like something I would say to my friend.


Headline Example #2: 20 Years Ago, Tupac Broke Through

How is it possible that 20 years have passed since “Keep Ya Head Up”? I clicked on this NPR link because my college friends and I spent many-a-night with Tupac in the background. Those are some powerful memories. Read More »

When It Comes to Web Content Think Inverted Pyramid

When It Comes to Web Content Think Inverted Pyramid

inverted-pyramid-web-contentMost important facts first — that’s what they teach you in journalism school — which is illustrated with an inverted pyramid.

According to the Poynter Institute, the journalism industry’s renowned training organization, one of the first inverted pyramid leads was written by an Associated Press reporter after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

That first lead read: The President was shot in a theater tonight and perhaps mortally wounded.

Prior to the adoption of the inverted pyramid, most journalists used flowery language and took their time getting to the climax of the story. This changed during the Civil War when the use of the telegraph flourished. Readers became more sophisticated and wanted to get to the bottom of the story at the top.

Who could blame them? No one wants to read through 500 words of content before finding out that Abe Lincoln was assassinated. Read More »

Show Your Appreciation With Online Content

Show Your Appreciation With Online Content


Where would you be without your customers? Without your partners? Without your employees?

A business succeeds because of the people that operate it and support it. Without the people, the business goes nowhere.

I know this is obvious information, but knowing and doing something about it are two different things. Take a moment to say “thank you” to the people who keep your business thriving. Here’s a few ways you can do that with online content. Read More »