This is the third list in a series of 12 lists offering blog post ideas for every day of the year. If you like what you see, look at what was given away in January and February.

And by the way, many of these blog post ideas might make great newsletter article ideas, e-book topic ideas, and social media posts, too. As I mention in tip #9, it’s wise to re-purpose your best content.

Time to Start Blogging. Here’s Your 31 Blog Post Idea Starters for March.

1 – Make a Wordle.

2 – March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, Hemophilia Awareness Month, March to Health Month, National MS Education and Awareness Month, National Nutrition Month, and Red Cross Month. March is also Women’s History Month. If any of these issues matter to you, write about them.

3 – What objections do you commonly hear during the sales process? Write a blog post addressing each objection.

4 – Watch a documentary. Write a movie review.


“I’m endlessly curious. I collect thoughts and ideas that might make an interesting blog post as I go about my day. I write the ideas down so I don’t forget. If I can make a connection back to marketing, which is what my brand is all about, it’s a viable topic. If it’s right for me, I can write the post in 15 minutes. If I’m struggling, I know there is no juice in the idea, so I just throw it out and pick a different one.”

–Geri Mazur of Geri Mazur Marketing (pictured here with her pet bird, Justin)

5 – Visit Google Trends. Enter in a relevant key phrase and take note of the trends in search volume. You can do two things here: 1) Publish posts on the topic when there’s the most interest. 2) Find an interesting pattern/trend for your industry’s web searches and come up with an analysis.

6 – Spend 20 minutes on Twitter. What topics are trending? Pick one and write a piece from your viewpoint.

7 – Cook dinner and take a picture. Write a post that shares the recipe and talks about how the cooking process relates to your business.

8 – Ask your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. Write a short blog post telling them why they should.

9 – Re-purpose some of your newsletter articles. What have you published in other places that might work on your blog?

10 – Daylight Savings starts March 10th. Post a reminder. Talk about the politics of it. Describe what you will do with that extra hour of daylight.

11 – Write 10 actionable tips that will help your readers do something better.

12 – Tell us 25 interesting things about you or your business. President Obama did it. Why shouldn’t you?

13 – Turn one of your favorite quotes into a pretty graphic. Check out Recite This.

14 – Take a class. Talk about the lessons learned.

15 – Join a blog challenge. Better yet, host your own blog challenge.

16 – Get interviewed. Write a synopsis of the experience for your blog.

17 – March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day. Write a limerick.

18 – What do you wish your customers would do? Write a post motivating them to do it.

19 – Learn about proper storytelling techniques. Read this Psychology Today article to get started. What story can you share?

20 – Vernal Equinox today!

21 – How are you different from your competitors? Write a post highlighting your uniqueness.

22 – Look at a failed politician, athlete, or actor. What lessons can you take away from their failure?

23 – Most businesses benefit from local SEO, at least to some degree. Write a post listing off the 50 things you love about your city.

24 – Blogrolls may be a little outdated, but a round-up post linking to your favorite blog posts is not. Tell us what you’re reading.

25 – Attend a conference. Take pictures. Shake hands. Sit in on talks. Write a blog post summarizing the experience.

26 – Passover, Good Friday, and Easter are this month. Write a simple greeting if it’s appropriate.

27 – What interesting things do you do to procrastinate? Get creative with photos and jokes to show your silly side.

28 – Make a PowerPoint presentation explaining a complex process. Here’s one way to embed a presentation on your blog.

29 – Are you on Feedly? Do you have another RSS feed set up? It’s helpful to have all your favorite content sources filter into one convenient spot. Scan the headlines to come up with a blog post idea.

30 – Find a video on Vimeo that makes you think. Share it with your readers.

31 – On March 31st the U.S. Government’s second quarter of the fiscal year ends. For those that operate their fiscal years on a typical calendar, this is the end of the first quarter. Does quarter ends have any significance for your business or customers?

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