The blog post ideas I’m sending out each month may be geared toward businesses that blog, but other types of bloggers are taking advantage, too. Check out the Urban Moo Cow’s Wordle and the Time-Lapse Blog’s Jargon Dictionary to see what I mean.

And, hey, if you decide to use one of these ideas on your blog, tell me about it. I’ll link to you in an upcoming blog post.

Enough of the chit chat. Let’s get to it! Here are your 30 blog post ideas for April.

1 – April 1 is April Fool’s Day. You know what to do.

2 – Remember that infographic you made earlier in February? Summarize how you created the infographic and how you promoted it. Think of it like a marketing case study.


The Idea Lady“Do you ever make a giant batch of your favorite casserole to freeze for future meals? I do the same thing with blog posts! When I get in the “writing zone” I turn out several posts very quickly and save them as drafts. Those saved posts are a wonderful resource for the times when I struggle to come up with a great post idea or I don’t have time to write. Just open one up, review it to make sure there are no updates or corrections needed, and publish. It is as easy as grabbing a pre-made dish out of the freezer for a quick meal!”

–Cathy Stucker, The Idea Lady

3 – April is National Autism Awareness Month, National Poetry Writing Month, National Arab American Heritage Month, and National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Consider a blog post on these topics.

4 – Write 10 actionable tips that will help your readers do something better. Here’s an idea: 10 Useful Ways to Procrastinate.

5 – Visit Wikipedia: Random and browse. Wait for inspiration to strike. Write about it.

6 – Ask your readers to send in questions. Turn those Q&A’s into blog posts.

7 – Attend a Hubspot webinar on marketing. Share what you learned.

8 – Write a blog post from the perspective of your pet.

9 – What misconceptions do people have about your business or industry? Write a post demystifying those beliefs.

10 – Did you take a spring break? Share.

11 – Join a leads group. Write a blog post about every person and every business in your group.

12 – Identify the top 10 keywords for your website (look at your Google Analytics). Then punch those keywords into Ubersuggest and/or Soolve. What blog post headline ideas do you come up with?

13 – Look up the lyrics to a popular song on the radio. How does this inspire you?

14 – Sign up to Help a Reporter Out. Be a resource for reporters. When they quote you, blog about it.

15 – April 15 is Tax Day. Remind your readers or share your views.

16 – Explain what you like, love, and hate about social media. Tell your readers what you want to get out of it, and invite them to join you there.

17 – Interview one of your vendors.

18 – What valuable nuggets are hiding on your website and blog? Give a tour by linking to some of the not-so-obvious information.

19 – Put together a round-up of links to interesting articles you’ve read lately.

20 – Create a metaphor. Compare an aspect of your business to something…anything.

21 – Get Giphy.

22 – April 22 is Earth Day. How are you doing your part?

23 – Ever made a business mistake? Write about what you learned.

24 – Make a list of 100 things. Could be anything relevant to your business or blog such as “100 Words to Use in Place of the Word ‘Solutions’” or “100 Ways to Make Your Customers Happy.”

25 – Step one: Pick up the phone and call a friend. Step two: Ask them about the most obscure piece of news they’ve heard about today. Step three: Share your view.

26 – Write a one paragraph blog post about your customer service philosophy.

27 – Come across a website you really like? Talk about what makes it cool, different, and worth a visit.

28 – What did you write about on your blog exactly two years ago? Revisit the topic with an updated twist.

29 – Visit Psychology Today. Scan the headlines and find an article or piece of research that you can relate to your business or your clients.

30 – Make a list of the books you want to read and why. Ask readers to weigh in on what you should read.

Sara Lancaster

About Sara Lancaster

Sara is The Condiment Marketing Co.’s founder and creative director. She oversees client relationships, strategic marketing plans, as well as a bit of copywriting and social media management.