website writing mistakes to avoidNo one is perfect, and no one set of web content is perfect either. But we can all strive for web content perfection…right? Start by avoiding these 10 common website content mistakes.

Mistake 1: You write for your peers and not for your customers.

Forget about industry jargon and proving to your competitors that you are knowledgeable. Write for your customer. What do they want to know?

Mistake 2: Your website content is not easy to scan.

Most website visitors do not read web content word for word. That means you need to write short paragraphs, include bullet lists, use bold and italics to emphasize key phrases, incorporate plenty of subheadings, and add images to make your web pages easy to scan.

Mistake 3: You overlook search engine optimization (SEO).

At a minimum, most pages should have around 300 words and have keywords in the first 50 words.

Mistake 4: You have obvious spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Some errors will always sneak by. That’s why you should ask a proofreader to review your writing before it goes live.

Mistake 5: Your calls to action don’t work.

When a website visitor lands on your site, they should know what to do within five seconds. Make your calls to action clear, include no more than four on a page, and place them “above the fold.”

Mistake 6: You focus on features, not benefits.

It’s logical to list all the different aspects of your organization (features), but readers want to know what’s in it for them (benefits).

Mistake 7: You say “we” more than you say “you.”

In web content writing you want to address the reader. Include the word “you” more often than the word “me.”

Mistake 8: Your content is too complicated.

It’s recommended you have a Flesch Kincaid Score of 8 (someone with an 8th grade education could read your content). Use the readability feature in Microsoft Word to learn and improve your score.

Mistake 9: You write boring headlines.

Avoid using the word “Welcome” in headings and website content. Clearly describe what the page is about in eight words or less.

Mistake 10: Your contact information isn’t obvious.

Put your phone number in the header, people.


If you want to get schooled in web content best practices, check out Jakob Nielsen’s site I especially like his article 113 Design Guidelines for Homepage Usability.

Sara Lancaster

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