A big THANK YOU to a few of my blogging chums who shared a blogging tip this month. All four of these shared tips are in italics so you can see all the great stuff that’s coming in from other bloggers. If you have an idea or tip you’d like to share, send it my way. I’d be glad to link to you.

Now, here we go! 31 blog post ideas for August…

1 – Make a series of one-minute videos. Every video could address a frequently asked question.

2 – It’s Cataract Awareness Month, MedicAlert Awareness Month, National Immunization Awareness Month, Psoriasis Awareness Month, and Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month.badminton-yard-game

3 – Get outside and play a yard game. What skills do you need for the game that you also need in life and work?

4 – Marijke Vroomen Durning of Nurse Turned Writer looks at the daily news to see if there is anything that would interest her blog readers. You should do the same!

5 – 10 ways working with you is better than going to the dentist. Think about it.

6 – Send pictures to your future self. Later on when you receive them, hindsight will hopefully inspire a retrospective. Check out Throwback to get started.

7 – Find an infographic in an infographic library, on Pinterest, through a Google search, or here.

8 – What’s the weather like in your area? Think of all the posts you could write that tie in weather, phenomenons, and tragedies.

9 – What would Dr. Seuss say about your customers’ problems?

10 – It’s time for another “how-to” blog post. Give your readers a new perspective on solving an old problem.

11 – Figure out what local produce is in season right now. Photograph the goods and then share why local and fresher is always better (especially if you are a local business).

12 – Share your professional experiences in blog posts. For example, Jan Udlock writes for the new virtual assistant because she is a relatively new virtual assistant. She says she thinks about her own experiences working with her entrepreneur clients to inspire blog posts.

13 – It’s nice outside. Have a picnic with your CEO or receptionist or sales person and interview him or her for a blog post.

14 – Look at your Google Analytics and identify the blog posts with the smallest number of visitors. What would you do differently in writing those posts?

15 – Visit an art museum either in real life or online. Pay attention to what pieces strike you and deconstruct one (or more) in a blog post.

16 – What do you want to change about the business world or your industry?

17 – Write about the history of your business. Describe the early days.

18 – The sun doesn’t set ’til late these days. How are you enjoying the extra daylight?

19 – Join a new group on LinkedIn. Be on the lookout for blog post ideas. If nothing jumps out at you, write a post about how LinkedIn has helped your business.

20 – Pay attention to what’s going on around you. Tracy Dereszynski-Dow of Walk. Build. Proclaim. has ideas come to her while walking the dogs, reading in-depth articles, and scanning Facebook. 

21 – Next time you are stuck in a long line at the DMV, post office, or somewhere worse, take a minute to notice what’s around you. Are there people with unique personality traits or out-of-the-ordinary décor on the walls that you can relate to your business? Follow David Foster Wallace’s lead.

22 – Hit the random button on your iPod. Does the song that comes on remind you of any anything worthwhile?

23 – Find a blog challenge that will improve your writing and blogging.

24 – Look at previously published newsletter articles, press releases, presentations, and other content you’ve created and modify one (or more) of your favorite pieces for the blog.

25 – Make a social list using List.ly. This is mine.

26 – Write a guest blog posting policy describing what you want in submissions.

27 – Be vigilant about writing down the ideas that come to you. Lois Middleton of Playing a New Game keeps a running document on her desktop, has sticky notes in her car, and uses her shopping/wish list as a place to jot down ideas, too. This practice has resulted in a constant flow of ideas for her.

28 – Make a checklist of must-have items and tools your customers need.

29 – Ever receive a handwritten “thank you” note from a customer? Take a picture and post it to blog with permission.

30 – Don’t forget about that charity you picked to support throughout the year. What have you done to promote the cause?

31 – Give something away to your blog readers. Include an ordering code in the blog post so you know who is ordering because of the blog post.

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